INVISIO at a Glance

INVISIO wants to make it possible for people to communicate in all environments, whether subject to loud noise, surrounded by extreme heat, or underwater. With our unique and world class expertise and technology, INVISIO offers professional users communications solutions such as advanced headsets, control units and associated equipment for use with two-way radio.


INVISIO specialises in voice communications in difficult conditions. The company develops, manufactures, markets and sells communication solutions such as advanced headset, control units and associated equipment for use with two-way radio, primarily for professional users who are often working in difficult environments. Customers are found, for example, in the military and military special forces, police and SWAT teams, emergency services, the security sector, and various industries throughout the world.

Bluetooth headsets using INVISIO's patented technology are being developed together with Motorola. These are produced, marketed, and sold to consumers by MotorolaINVISIO's patented technology and expertise in sound transmission and communication solutions enables disruption-free and clear voice communication even under extreme conditions, such as loud noise, heat, and underwater. Certain of the company's communications products also offer protection against hearing loss and tinnitus.


INVISIO Communications AB (publ.) is a Swedish limited liability company with its registered office in Stockholm, Sweden. The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under the ticker IVSO.

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